Daniel M Hurt : Succeeding in Business During The Age of COVID

Dan Hurt

January 18, 2021

Daniel M Hurt

Whether you’re a new or old business, one thing is sure: Coronavirus has impacted the quality and range of your business. “It might feel like the bane of your existence, but if you flip the script, it can prove beneficial.” Says Daniel M. Hurt, a Florida entrepreneur who has made a good living from various technology and manufacturing-based businesses. “While we’re reeling from the current situation, you should use this time first to reflect and then learn how you can pivot from the situation. In his regular Zoom teachings, Dan Hurt has asserted three steps to getting individuals out of the trench that the COVID-19 pandemic has created. “There is no doubt that this has certainly proved to be a game changer.” Daniel M Hurt says regarding the coronavirus pandemic. “But it is those that persist and keep a calm attitude will be able to grow into the next business format.”

Take Time For Yourself

Daniel M Hurt  is no newcomer to business failures and recognizes that you have to sit back and accept the truth. “After failing in the past, it was hard for me to accept the failures.” Daniel M Hurt says. “I knew that I would have to deal with them, and one of the first things is to deal with them and accept that they exist.” Pondering on your past and understanding the situation is the first thing Daniel Hurt  says you should do. “You can’t just act as if nothing is happening when something huge and monumental is occurring. By examining all sides, you can make more sense of your current situation.” While this is a natural and robust aspect of dealing with failure, there is a “trap” that you should not fall into. “It’s a relatively common situation where people become fixated on what they can’t change.” Daniel M Hurt continues. “If you fixate on one point of what could have been, then you will find yourself in a downward spiral that can be hard to take yourself out of.” Dan Michael Hurt notes some of his friends that hit this point. “We had to take out even more energy to get ourselves out of the pit and into a new world.”

Understand What You Can Do

Instead of fixating on what you can’t do, Daniel M Hurt thinks that focusing on what’s possible is the ideal situation. “I had a friend that was trying to figure out how he can shift his tourism business into one that works in the age of COVID. One thing that we realized we had at our disposal was the internet,” says Daniel Hurt . “We took those aspects of his business that worked so well in real life and pivoted them towards an online medium. This included using the principles of personality, but instead of getting customers online, you would face them through new Facetime and Zoom webcam systems. This has proven quite successful, and his friend has considerably shifted the business into an online setup. 

The Key Is Perseverance

“Like any other business, perseverance is key.” Dan M. Hurt says. “Just because we are facing a pandemic situation does not change that fact.” The evolution of businesses is a strange one, but it shows that one of the critical ingredients is perseverance and “fighting the good fight.” “If you don’t try to pivot and instead find yourself wallowing in pity, you will never get through this moment in time and come out stronger.” Daniel Hurt says. And coming out more vital than ever before is just what this pandemic situation is testing us with.